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 Littlewoods Deals 08, October, 2008
Littlewoods has some great new offers for you this month. Firstly, it has slashed the price of the England Home Football Shirt to just £9.99. The price crash means that tops for both men and women are £9.99, while childrens' shirts are just £8.99. Stock is limited so be sure to shop sooner rather than later.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Littlewoods Bank Holiday Deals - Up To 50% Off! 21, August, 2008
The Littlewoods bank holiday deals have started. Littlewoods are offering up to 50% off, but offers will end on 26th August, so speed is of the essence. There are lots of good reasons to shop online at Littlewoods, not least the 20 weeks interest free credit on everything. We list some of the latest deals ...
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 New Deals from Littlewoods Catalogue Store 09, June, 2008
Littlewoods have now got some superb savings on household electricals. These are available in the June Deals section. Customers can save up to £120 off TVs, up to £50 off cookers and refrigerators and up to £110 off washers and dryers. More savings are available on a wide range of other white goods.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Latest Mega Deals at Littlewoods Catalogue 11, May, 2008
Littlewoods online catalogue store is always bursting with great deals and, amongst catalogue stores, has one of the biggest online product ranges, with more than 40,000 products available. Right now, moving into Summer, Littlewoods have a number of good deals, and we have some of the latest Littlewoods May mega-deals to tell you about.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Littlewoods To Acquire Empire Stores 30, January, 2008
Littlewoods Shop Direct Group is to buy the debtor book of Empire Stores from Redcats UK the end of the current season's catalogue, anticipated to be in July 2008. The acquisition includes the Empire Stores brand name and customer database subject to regulatory clearance. Littlewoods does not expect to save any of Empire's 850 jobs, however.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Sales, Sales, Sales ... 27, December, 2007
Sales from the Shop Direct Group, which includes Littlewoods, Marshall Ward, Additions Direct, and several other well-known brands, have now kicked off. The Marshall Ward sale is already on, the Additions Direct sale begins today (27th December) and the Littlewoods sale begins tomorrow (Friday 28th December).
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Littlewoods Sale 27, September, 2007
We'd like to remind shoppers of the "Littlewoods 50% off-sale" that is currently running. The sale has been a great success so far, especially with some items on offer at 80% off the full price. However, it won't last forever, and so it could be a good time to stock up on a few early Christmas presents!
• [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Mid-Season Sales 18, September, 2007
Don't forget that the Littlewoods Shop Direct group now has mid-season online sales on all of its brands, including Great Universal, Marshall Ward, Littlewoods, Littlewoods Direct (previously LX Direct) and Argos.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 The Littlewoods Sale is coming soon! 14, September, 2007
The Littlewoods Sale is coming soon! On Monday 17th September, the Littlewoods sale kicks off, and you can be certain of some spectacular offers. Many of these will likely be sold out quickly, so be sure to get there as soon as you can to make sure of getting in on the best deals.
• [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 The Littlewoods Sale is Now On 27, June, 2007
The Littlewoods Sale is now on, starting at 9am on Wednesday, June 27th. This is a huge sale, following on from other sales in the Littlewoods Shop Direct group, with up to 70% off the price of many items.
• [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 June Deals at Littlewoods 15, June, 2007
Summer has arrived at Littlewoods, "the home of big name brands," with new products in all of its online ranges, including: The holiday shop, Fresh flowers direct, Home and Garden, Electrical goods, Jewellery and gifts and many more. Also coming soon is the Bridal Shop.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Trinny and Susannah Undress 04, June, 2007
As you regular Littlewoods shoppers will know, Littlewoods Direct is the proud sponsors of Trinny and Susannah Undress, and now the stylish duo are back with a brand new series and more couples in desperate need of some serious wardrobe therapy.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Littlewoods Shop Direct - Mid-Season Sales 23, March, 2007
The Littlewoods Shop Direct Group have announced mid-season sales across all their brands, including Littlewoods and Littlewoods Direct, Additions Direct and Abound, Marshall Ward and also Sport-e. At Littlewoods website you can also access The Trinny and Suzannah style adviser function to get the perfect look!
• [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Mothers Day - Sunday, 18th March 05, March, 2007
From pamper days to jewellery, fresh flowers to nightwear – Littlewoods has got some great gift ideas. Lx Direct, and all the other Littlewoods Shop Direct brands are also on hand to help out, with some great offers for Mother’s day.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 Littlewoods November Deals 23, November, 2006
Of all the online catalogue stores, Littlewoods has one of the widest selections of toys, jewellery and party outfits, decorations and big savings. We list three of the current deals, including half-price Philips "Cool Skin" shavers.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

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