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 Latest Deals from Littlewoods 28, July, 2009
Littlewoods has lots of new offers going on right now, and while there's still plenty of the summer left to enjoy, you can also take advantage of more than 400 holiday fashion lines at less than £30. There are also a number of excellent electrical deals, with gaming and computing prices slashed by up to 50%; also, deals on appliances, cameras and more.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 New Argos Catalogue In Stores Now 25, July, 2009
The new Autumn/Winter edition of the Argos Catalogue is out now. The catalogue itself has over 18,000 products - all of which are available online. In addition, there are a further 4,000 products, across all 13 online categories, available exclusively on-line.
• [Argos Catalogue Website]  

 Marks & Spencer Summer Sale 22, July, 2009
The Marks & Spencer Summer Sale starts today. You'll find up to 50% off thousands of items across the M&S website, with big savings in fashion, beauty and home. From summer dresses to sofas, menswear to swimsuits and kids clothes to kitchenware there is something for every taste and every wallet.
• [Marks and Spencer Online Website]  

 Next Directory - Half-Price Sale 18, July, 2009
Next Directory online sale is on right now, with 50% off all sale items; and that really is "50% off" - not "up to 50% off." You'll find sale items in all sections, from fashion to electricals. We list some of the deals you'll find, but the best way of finding out is to go directly to the Next website yourself!
• [More from this article]   • [Next Directory, UK Website]  

 Kew Summer Sale - Save up to 30% 15, July, 2009
The Kew Summer Sale starts today - Wednesday 15th July - with savings of up to 30% on women's clothing and accessories. With a great selection of women's fashion, and distinct from many of the usual styles you find in the popular catalogue stores, you'll find useful and affordable additions to any wardrobe.
• [Kew Catalogue Website]  

 10% Discounts at Littlewoods Clearance 15, July, 2009
Right now, at Littlewoods Clearance, known online at "Bargain Crazy", customers can enjoy not only a 10% discount across the entire site, (enter code WTENW4) but can also enjoy receiving a 15% discount voucher by e-mail if they spend £50 or more, to use on their next purchase.
• [Bargain Crazy, UK Catalogue Website]  

 More Deals at Argos Online Catalogue Store 15, July, 2009
Argos rarely needs an excuse for a good deal, and right now you can find a number of big discounts on a whole slew of Argos products. Additionally, we also have some new Argos voucher codes to share with you, with which you can make even more savings.
• [More from this article]   • [Argos Catalogue Website]  

 Littlewoods Sale - Now up to 80% Off 07, July, 2009
This week Littlewoods launches an extensive TV and press advertising campaign to increase the profile and awareness of the launch of the "brand new Littlewoods." Littlewoods is also having a massive 80% off clearance sale at the moment. This is across everything from men's, women's and kids' clothing to games, consoles and jewellery.
• [More from this article]   • [Littlewoods Home Shopping Website]  

 M&S Furniture Sale - 50% Off 03, July, 2009
M&S have launched their Furniture Sale. Marks & Spencer are offering up to 50% off selected furniture plus free delivery. This excellent offer is available from 1st July to 29th July 2009. A number of other good deals are also available at the M&S website, including discounts on fashion and home goods.
• [Marks and Spencer Online Website]  

Displaying 1 to 9 of 9 results for July, 2009**   First   * Previous   Next  *   Last  **

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